Anti Glare Film For Windows

Glare from sunlight can often cause real discomfort when hitting your windows, or television and computer screens which can also impact productivity in offices. Anti glare window film provides an effective solution against glare and also protects from UV rays which could be harmful to your skin and deteriorate furniture.

anti glare film

Anti glare film can reduce glare through your windows by up to 90%

In fact, glare from sunlight can sometimes be the source of migraines, fatigue and eyestrain, and consequently reduce productivity of employees, which is why anti glare window film is a popular solution for the workplace.

anti glare window filmCompared to traditional methods such as blinds, installing window film is a low maintenance solution to uncomfortable visibility issues caused by solar glare, which does not block out natural light and it preserves your view.

Glare control window film is great for application to commercial buildings as requires less maintenance than blinds, and can be easily cleaned. It is much more effective than blinds, as it instantly reduces glare and is quicker and cheaper to install.