How Window Film Works

Solar control materials
A standard solar UV window film can reduce the amount of energy passing through a glazing system. The metals and coatings reflect much of the sun’s rays back before entering the building.

The Low-E Family
Low-E coatings prevent most radiant and absorbed solar heat from being emitted into the building, in addition to the other energy rejecting solar control coatings.

Solar Control Materials
Traditional solar control materials have limited benefit in winter months when heat is being created within a building as they have little impact on the glazing system’s original insulating properties, and in some cases they could actually reduce insulation.

The Low-E Family
Low-E window films transform the room-side surface of a window in to a highly efficient radiant heat reflector. EnerLogic window film can in fact reflect more than 90% of the radiant heat back in to the room lowering heating costs considerably.

Both types of materials will reduce heat gain in summer months, drastically reducing air conditioning and cooling costs, but only the “Low-E” films will reduce the heating costs in winter months.

Energy efficient windows with LLumar window film installation

Low-E window films reflect radiant heat back to its source, improving the insulating properties of the glazing system reducing load on heating and cooling systems leading to marked reductions in energy consumption, costs and carbon emissions.

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