What Decorative Films Can Do For Your Home

Decorative glass film

Bring your home to life, with style-sensitive design and practical features

  • Elevate Interior Design
  • Increase Privacy
  • Hide Unsightly Views
  • Mimic Speciality Glass
  • Diffuse Harsh Light
  • Make Design Changes Easily

Whether you’re creating a mood or addressing a functional concern, you’ll find it hard to resist experimenting with decorative films.

Because it’s durable yet removable, decorative films are an ideal way to create a lasting feature or quick update at home.

Exterior windows – Add privacy or create a mood with filtered light
Shower enclosures – Shield views, add patterns or play with color
Glass cabinet doors – Hide clutter or refresh the style of a room
Glass tabletops – Give new life to old furniture styles

With decorative film, you can enhance virtually any flat glass surface and maybe even turn it into a work of art. Explore the possibilities for privacy, style and more with frosts, patterns, textures and gradients, or even a custom design… Let your imagination take over.

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