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Commercial Building Energy Efficiency

The best way to calculate the benefits that energy saving window film can provide is for us to carry out a full Energy Efficiency Survey of your building. Using specialist software, our trained staff will be able to provide a full, bespoke illustration of the return on investment you can expect.

Please be aware that to qualify for an energy efficiency survey or to fully realise the financial and environmental benefits of energy saving window film, your premises will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Have at least 200m2 of glass
  • Have windows which make up a large proportion of the building’s elevations
  • Have an air conditioning system, ideally with a separate metered heating and cooling supply*

If your building meets these criteria, it is likely that an application of our window film will help you realise cost savings as well as reducing your greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint.

Our specialist team will visit your premises and carry out a survey, before providing you with a bespoke energy efficiency report detailing the savings and payback period for your specific situation.

If your building does not meet the minimum criteria above, if you can provide as much of the following information as possible, we may be able to supply you with an approximate guide.

  • Overall m2 of glass
  • The percentage of windows compared to wall
  • Building shape and orientation
  • Width and length of building
  • Glass Type
  • Other insulation methods in the building
  • Other shading methods such as trees or canopies
  • Age of building
  • Number of occupants
  • Aircon spend (if known)
  • Heating spend (if known)

Please note:  *To enable us to calculate what energy savings you could make with a window film applied, we need to know what your current heating and cooling spend is. This means your building needs to have a separate metered supply. If you do not have this, rest assured window film should help you make savings, it is just we cannot calculate a return on investment.

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