Commercial Energy Efficient Windows

Significant Savings. Rapid Payback. Smart Investment.

Energy efficient window film can help you combat commercial energy efficiency while providing increased comfort and lower overall energy costs.

energy efficient windows in commercial buildings

Energy Efficient Windows in Commercial Buildings

Low-E Window Film can boost the performance of nearly any glazing system, significantly reducing energy consumption and peak demand.

Professional energy efficiency audits estimate that buildings retrofitted with LLumar’s energy saving films could realize annual energy savings as high as 15% with improved HVAC efficiency, reduced carbon emissions and an average payback within three years.

We can accurately calculate an estimated payback period of installation against energy savings for most buildings, and can show that Low-E window films will pay for themselves many times over during their lifespan.

With LLumar’s energy efficient window film, you could realize annual energy savings of up to 15%…

Commercial Energy Efficiency Analysis

We firmly believe that window film has an role to play in climate change initiatives around the world, with Solar Control Window Film being a proven energy conservation technology with great environmental sustainability and business benefits.

To support this, utilising an energy modelling system and fenestration energy analysis, we are able to provide you with a Commercial Energy Efficiency Analysis specific to your building and the estimated savings and benefits that would be achieved from the installation of film in terms of kWh energy reduction, financial savings and projected payback time as well as carbon emissions reduction achieved both annually and over the period of warranty.

Thermal upgrade for energy savings and comfort

The glazing at West Berkshire Council’s 3-storey office building in Newbury needed upgrading to improve thermal comfort and reduce energy consumption in order to meet energy saving targets.

Energy Savings Without Affecting The Aesthetics Of The Building

Whitehall Place is an 8-storey office building in London. The building’s glazing needed upgrading in order to reduce heat gain and energy consumption. As a listed building, it needed a solution to upgrade the glazing without impacting the aesthetics of the building.

How we reduced solar heat & glare by 58%

The problem faced by staff working in Steele Raymond’s office building at Richmond Hill in Bournemouth was a build-up of heat and glare caused by the large amount of solar light let in through the windows. The building’s south-facing hilltop position in sunny Bournemouth meant this was a particular problem during Summer months. Technical Window [...]