Commercial Window Tinting For Your Building

Commercial window tinting is a quick and low-cost way to reduce solar heat gain, reduce annoying glare, block damaging ultraviolet rays and provide privacy in commercial buildings. Applied directly to the interior surface of glass, window film also can help improve a building’s safety and security by holding glass together in situations where it would normally shatter. It also has the flexibility to be used on opening and fixed windows.

Upgrade your building with window film

Specifically designed to solve glass related issues, commercial window tinting offers:

  • Increased comfort for occupants by reducing solar heat and glare;
  • Lower energy costs by reducing the need for heating & air-conditioning systems;
  • Improved safety and security by making glass shatter-resistant;
  • Privacy, decorative branding and manifestation compliance;
  • Updates building appearance without changing the overall exterior appearance;
  • Rapid return on investment;
  • Green product that eliminates materials going to landfill by upgrading glass rather than replacing it;
  • Guaranteed to last with up to a 15 year commercial warranty;

commercial window tinting

Commercial window tinting service by Technical Window Films

Technical Window Films supply and install a wide range of LLumar high performance window film solutions. Our commercial window tinting service can upgrade any glazing system without necessarily changing the appearance.

We can help you choose the right window film for the job, to meet or even exceed your requirements and expectations, whilst also taking into account your existing glass and glazing system and any potential film to glass compatibility or access issues there may be. Our team of experts with their extensive knowledge in all areas of product and materials, glass and glazing systems, workplace health and safety, quality, environmental and project management requirements, will provide you with assured product quality, installed by our team of highly experienced installers.