Window Film for Energy Efficient Windows

The low-emissivity properties of LLumar’s double glazing film can deliver even greater energy savings than traditional spectrally selective window films with high visible light transmission. Llumar’s double glazing window film provides unparalleled window insulation capabilities.

double glazing film

LLumar window films become carbon-neutral less than two months after installation. With a warranty lifetime of 15 years, this means that our products are typically providing 14+ years of greenhouse gas reductions.

How double glazing window film works

Different films can have energy saving benefits, broadly grouped into two categories, “Solar Control Films” and “Low-E” Energy Saving Films. For information on how these window films work please click here.

Low-E Window Films represent the next generation of glass coatings, emissivity performance way ahead of any other type of glass coating available. Please contact us for more details of the Spectrally Selective Low-E ranges by Llumar.