Solar film for windows keeps the sun where it should be

Solar control is probably the most widely tackled problem for window tinting. We offer a range of solar window film and, with our experience and expertise, we guarantee to find the correct solar film for your needs.

The sun’s energy, whilst essential for healthy life does cause problems in both commercial and residential properties with glare, heat build up and fading. Don’t worry, we can help!

solar control for glass

Solar reflective window film

solar reflective film

Solar reflective film can combat heat, glare and UV problems.

These work by filtering out selected wavelengths of the sun’s infrared, and with the high performance dual reflective and spectrally selective ranges we can do this whilst still maintaining a high amount of visible light transmittance, offering a clear view in and out through the glass.

Glare reducing films are typically the darker more heavily tinted materials for the same ranges.

Ask for more information on our Vista and Neutral Solar reflective window film ranges to combat heat build up in situations where external vision is important, or our R-Series and Helios ranges where performance is key.