Conservatory Window Tinting

conservatory window film

Conservatory window film will reduce both excess heat and glare, keeping your conservatory comfortable all year round.

Window films are manufactured specifically to prevent heat from building up within the room. The film is applied to the inside of the roof, and rejects the heat and glare before it can enter the room. This is where window film provides a better and more effective alternative to blinds, which are traditionally set back from the roof or window, thus giving the heat a chance to enter the room, resulting in uncomfortable temperatures.

Control the heat in your conservatory

Once applied, conservatory window film will prevent the steady build-up of heat, but will not make your conservatory feel cold. The result will be a more comfortable climate, allowing you to enjoy your conservatory at times of the day and year when previously it would have been too hot.

The conservatory window film also reduces glare, allowing you to watch television, read or work in your conservatory without having your vision obscured by the bright sun.

Our team of expert installers are experienced in conservatory window tinting of all shapes and sizes. The film is effective immediately and with most jobs complete in under a day. An application of conservatory window film is a quick, effective and cost efficient way to start enjoying your conservatory, even in the height of summer.

For a conservatory window tinting quote, tell us the sizes of the panels in the roof, or the surface area of the floor is usually sufficient, so if you are suffering with heat build up in your conservatory, contact us today.