Llumar’s Low-E film provides unparalleled insulation capabilities for your windows – it is the best performing thermal window film currently available.

thermal window film

Benefits of Low-E Thermal Film for Windows

Unparalleled Window Insulation

Low-e window film offers the best performance of any window film available on the market, reflecting 93% of radiant heat back into the room in Winter and keeps it out in Summer.

All year round performance

Thermal window film helps save energy all year round – it keeps heat out during Summer and locks heat in during Winter, providing twice the insulation performance of traditional thermal window films and reducing the need for air conditioning and heating systems.

Insulating Window Film
Best energy savings

No other window film can match its annual energy savings. With lower emissivity and better insulation than any other window film, Low-E film allows you to reduce energy bills by reducing the dependence on air conditioning and heating systems.

Economical alternative to double glazing

The window film almost matches the insulating performance of double glazing and it is quicker, cheaper and easier to install than double glazing windows, which makes this insulating film the best energy saving option for situations where replacing existing single glazing windows with double glazing is impractical or disruptive, for example listed buildings or very large windows.

Increased comfort

The increased insulation performance of low-e window film maintains a significantly higher room temperature near windows and the temperature throughout the room will be more uniform.