Did you know that window film can solve glass related issues in the school environment such as solar heat, glare, UV damage, safety, security and rising energy costs…?

Window film installation in schools can provide a cost-effective and low maintenance alternative to blinds as well as offering:

  • Increased comfort and productivity by reducing solar heat and glare
  • Protection from the risk of skin cancer by blocking harmful UV rays
  • Improved safety and security by making glass shatter-resistant
  • Reduced energy costs all year round by making windows more energy efficient

Increase comfort and productivity with Solar Control film

Once installed our solar control window film helps maintain a more comfortable and productive studying and learning environment by reducing solar heat and glare while still letting in as much natural daylight as possible.

Protect children from the risk of skin cancer

Everyone is aware of the need to use high factor sunscreen, to cover up when in the sun and to take advantage of shaded areas when children are playing outside. However, not everyone is aware that everyday activities such as a car journey or children playing in a sunlit room still exposes you to invisible harmful UVA rays which are not screened by the glazing systems.

Recognised by The British Skin Foundation as especially valuable to preventing sun induced skin damage, our high performance UV screening films help by blocking over 99.9% of harmful UV rays – reducing the risk of skin cancer for you and your pupils.

Glass Safety

Large areas of glass can present a danger if not seen and by law it is important to make glass apparent using manifestations – we can apply any digital image to glass, even your school logo, which could be a great opportunity to enhance the appearance of your school building. Safety film should be used in high risk areas and will hold the glass in place in the event of an accidental collision.

Improve Security

Security film can protect your school from burglars by making the windows in your building significantly difficult to shatter and will hold the broken glass firmly within the window frame after breaking.

Stay GREEN and reduce energy costs

Our window film installations help you reduce your energy costs all year round by rejecting heat in the Summer months and preventing heat loss in Winter. By running your heating and air conditioning less, you can consume less energy, reduce your carbon footprint and save money on energy bills.


We are experts when it comes to specifying and installing window films for all types of buildings and are the largest window film installer in the area. We are also the only company of our type to have achieved certification to ISO9001, 14001 and 18001 standards.

Technical Window Films is proud to be one of only 15 founding members of the LLumar AFC Partnership Programme in the UK. The AFC Programme was created to provide a nationwide network of the most qualified installers across the UK. This scheme ensures that you have the greatest confidence in the quality of installations and have a full manufacturer backed warranty and support service after installation.

Do you think your school might be able to benefit from window film? Perhaps you have a specific glass related problem we could solve?

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