Thermal upgrade for energy savings and comfort

Thermal upgrade for energy savings and comfort

ProjectWest Berkshire Council
LocationNewbury, United Kingdom
Building3-storey office building (6,000m2)
GlazingSingle Tinted (400m2)
FilmLLumar EnerLogic (LEP 35 SR CDF)
Key RequirementEnergy Savings, Thermal Comfort, Glare Reduction


The glazing at West Berkshire Council’s 3-storey office building in Newbury needed upgrading to improve thermal comfort and reduce energy consumption in order to meet energy saving targets.


LLumar EnerLogic (LEP 35 SR CDF) was specified to upgrade the glazing, to reduce heat gain and heat loss. The LLumar EnerLogic film was chosen for its spectrally selective coating which provides a good visible light transmission with good solar energy rejection. EnerLogic window film will provide an ideal balance of energy efficiency, comfort and cost savings, and give significant improvement in working conditions.

The window film is expected to upgrade the annual insulating performance of single-pane glazing to close to double-pane glazing, and achieve up to 10% savings on commercial building energy costs.


  • Stabilised building temperatures
  • Improved occupant comfort (year-round)
  • LLumar EnerLogic film helped in turning off A/C systems in winter (saving 20,000 kWh per month) and space heating in almost all glazed areas
Energy Analysis

Calculated using building energy simulation software before film installation.

Payback5 years
Cost Savings pa£ 5,584
Carbon Savings (t CO2e) p.a.40
Savings (Electricity/Gas)2% / 19%
Glazing Analysis

Calculated using glazing analysis software results before and after application of film

Solar gain reduction62%
Heat loss reduction40%
Glare reduction62%