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Solar Reflective Window Film: Solar Control With Modern Style

Dramatically improve the comfort level of your indoor living space while also making a dramatic outdoor style statement. This solar reflective window film has reflective technology on two sides to provide a high level of heat, glare and UV control that keeps you comfortable in any room, at any time of day.

Reflective technology also gives exterior windows a pleasingly uniform, contemporary look. A selection of silver, gold, bronze, blue and grey shades allows you to fine-tune for the perfect complement to your home’s style.

Benefits of Solar Reflective Window Film

  • Solar Control (controls heat and glare)
  • UV Control (skin protection, prevents fading of furnishings)
  • Privacy (improve privacy without spoiling your views)

We love the range of shade options available in the LLumar Solar Reflective Window Film range and highly recommend for their high performance and quality, which is backed by a lifetime warranty. Contact us today to chat about the various shade options available and to see samples.