Reduction In Heat & Glare At Castle Cameras


Reduce Heat & Glare


At Castle Cameras in Winton, Bournemouth the front windows of the store are southwest facing and the staff working in the shop were experiencing excessive heat, glare and fatigue caused by the sun, especially during the hotter Summer months. In addition to this discomfort the packaging and stock displayed in the windows began to fade due to the heat and UV rays coming through the glass causing the goods look damaged and unsightly.


Technical Window Films went to visit Howard Lucas at Castle Cameras to discuss the issues and the options available to solve the problems. We carried out our survey to identify the glazing system in order to make our recommendations.

One of the most important factors in choosing a suitable product is that it had to allow the customers to still look into the shop.

LLumar Spectra Select VS61 SR CDF film was selected and installed to all the front facing windows for these main characteristics:

  • Very low reflective surface allowing customers to look into the shop
  • Reduces solar heat gain from the sun by 48%
  • Reduces annoying glare by 30%
  • Screens 99.9% of harmful UVA & UVB, reducing fading and damage to stock
  • It’s almost invisible, so not changing the aesthetics of the building


Howard Lucas said “The significant reduction in solar heat and glare now makes Castle Cameras a far more comfortable working environment for all of the staff, it is now so much cooler and more shaded on sunny days, the glare is now managed to a level where eye strain and fatigue are significantly reduced and the goods in the window remain in pristine condition for much longer.”