Improved Solar Control for Classic Bag Co.


Improved Solar Control


The office staff were experiencing discomfort, overheating, and distracting glare from computer screens caused by the sun. The old window film needed replacing as it was badly damaged, delaminating and unsightly.


We removed the old damaged window film and specified LLumar DRN25 SR CDF (Warm Grey), a solar control film from the LLumar Dual Reflective Series, to be installed on the interior side of the windows. It is a relatively new product and the first time we have installed it but it is the perfect solution to the heat and glare problems and a also offers a warmer tint…

The LLumar Dual Reflective Series offers the following benefits
  • Increases HVAC efficiency and lowers energy costs
  • Shields 99% of UV radiation, reduces fading of fabrics and furnishings
  • Neutral warm grey tint available in a variety of shade options
  • Durable scratch-resistant coating for easy cleaning