It is widely recognised that pupils perform better in natural light and a moderate temperature, but a common problem facing schools, nurseries and colleges is heat and glare from the sun entering through glazing.

The suns heat passing through windows can lead to uncomfortable temperatures, adversely affecting the learning environment. Likewise, glare can play havoc with smart boards and computer screens.

Increased Solar Control and Thermal Comfort

Energy efficiency films reduce heat gain through windows in the warmer months and add insulation value to windows during winter months. These “all-season” Low-E window films lower energy costs while helping control annoying glare from the sun, making classrooms more comfortable and better learning environments and benefits both pupils and teachers alike.

By investing in window film you can eliminate glare and improve the conditions for staff and pupils, providing a high quality learning environment and also benefit from significant energy savings, not to mention UV protectionand improved glass safety and security.

We can work with you to evaluate and upgrade the glazing in your building. We work closely with schools and colleges across the South, providing a service which takes into account the specific needs of individual buildings within the educational sector.

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