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house window tinting

Solar Reflective Window Film: Solar Control With Modern Style

Dramatically improve the comfort level of your indoor living space while also making a dramatic outdoor style statement. This solar reflective window ...

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enerlogic film

LLumar EnerLogic – Energy Saving Window Film

At Technical Window Films we have been championing energy saving window films for some time now, but in our expert opinion there’s nothing more ...

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Drivers Most At Risk Of Developing Skin Cancer

Did you know? 74% of all non-invasive melanoma skin cancer cases are found on the driver’s side of the body Over the last thirty years, rates of malig...

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How Protected Is Your Skin From The Sun?

Both UVB & UVA rays from the sun can cause skin cancer but not all sunscreens protect your skin fully. There are 2 separate ratings you need to lo...

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commercial window tinting

Performance Window Film For Commercial Buildings

Working with architectural and interior designers, Technical Window Films are able to provide a wide range of high performance window film solutions t...

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Window film solves glass related issues in schools

Did you know that window film can solve glass related issues in the school environment such as solar heat, glare, UV damage, safety, security and risi...

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energy efficient windows with window film

Window Insulation Film: Energy Efficient Windows

Save Money On Your Energy Bills This Winter Energy saving window films are an affordable choice for reducing energy costs by cutting down on the need ...

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Improve results in your school & save energy with window film

It is widely recognised that pupils perform better in natural light and a moderate temperature, but a common problem facing schools, nurseries and col...

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anti glare window film

Spring into comfort with Window Film

Spring has sprung, the days are longer and the nights are shorter. The increase in sunshine is usually a cause for celebration – but in some cases it ...

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Frosted Films For Window Privacy

Decorative Film: Making the Most of Natural Light

Making the Most of Natural Light Spring is in the air at last and each day the sun is up for a little longer which means we all benefit from getting...

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