Window Tinting Law for UK Cars

Car window tinting is very popular. Most manufacturers now offer options for car window tints when you buy a new car. However, it can be expensive so it’s not surprising that aftermarket window tinting is very popular.

If you decide to choose a third party to tint your car windows it is important that you get the job done right. And in the UK there are window tinting laws governing what is acceptable to make your car “road legal”.

Car Window Tinting Law in the UK

UK car window tinting law states that car windows allow at least:

  • 75 per cent of light through the front windscreen
  • 70 per cent of light through the front side windows

Most people tint the back passenger windows. In this case the rules don’t apply.

car window tint law

If you don’t follow the rules you may find yourself with a fine from the Police. They have the powers to issue fixed penalty fines; give you an enforcement notice, or a court summons. All of which means you can’t use your car. And forget selling a car with illegally tinted windows. It’s against the law and you may be prosecuted.

Check out our guide to legal car window tint shades or use our car window tint viewer see how your car might look with tinted windows.

Please refer to the UK Government website for further details on UK window tinting laws

If you are considering car window tinting, try to use a reputable car window tinting specialist. Always buy good quality window tints. And remember to stay within the law.

All our installations are carried out by trained staff, giving the highest possible finish and allowing us to offer up to lifetime warranties when using many of our car window tints.